Confession: I’ve never done a PowerPoint presentation.

I found myself in a room full of amazing artists this weekend wherein we each took turns explaining ourselves as artists. Everyone else had cool aluminum earrings that doubled as thumb drives with their awe-inspiring powerpoint presentations on them.  I had a piece of paper. They had diverse and exciting images showing their work and themselves in the midst of their process. I had a piece of paper. Their images were dynamic and insightful. My paper was 8 1/2″ X 11.”

So once again, I’m chasing down the 1990s and jumping on the bandwagon late. So, for those of you who are curious about what a writer’s process and work mode looks like, I’ve put together my own presentation of images showing me at work in all the varied and exciting ways I create as a writer.

10 Portraits of the Artist as a PowerPoint Presentation

Portrait #1

This is me writing the word "astronaut."

This is me writing the word “astronaut.”

Portrait #2

This is me

Here I am misspelling the word “onomaotpo…. onomatopo… onomatopee…” …you know, that word that describes words like bang! zip! boing!

Portrait #3

This is me

This is me crafting a thank-you note. “Dear Charybdis, though I think you have a drinking problem, I want you to know how much I appreciate it when you stand on your porch with your mouth hanging open because it scares the Greeks and then they cross to my side of the street. With gratitude, Scylla.”

Portrait #4

This is me

Writers are always jotting down ideas for future projects! Here I am writing a synopsis for a new play. “Call it ‘Women and Lesbians’ and invite the audience to figure out which is which.”

Portrait #5

This is me


Portrait #6

This is me

This is me taking myself extremely seriously as a writer. “Kierkegard said it best when he quoted Baudelaire who was really robbing from German Intellectualism in the face of the ontological capacity for je ne sais pas of the Redundant Symbolists. Booger.”

Portrait #7

This is me

“Skookum pookum wookum nod”….. now I’m just fucking around because I don’t know what to write.

Portrait #8

This is me

“Dear Diary, I don’t understand these changes I’m going through…”

Portrait #9

This is me

“End of Play.” Put that on my tombstone.

Portrait #10

"Knucklebud." Sometimes being a writer is lonely, so I hang with make believe friends.

Sometimes being a writer is lonely, so it helps to have friends.

4 Comments on “Portraits of the Artist as a Power Point Presentation

  1. You are too funny, Arlitia! You always have a point, even if it’s not a “power” point. Thanks for this posting! XO Anne

    P.S. Does the back side of that mug have a naughty word on it? 🙂


  2. I love this! What more can I say? Nice nail color too. Good manicures are so critical to the pen and pencil.


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