November’s Horses


for TM


This is the month trees crack

midnight bangs on your roof

with an icy hoof


Winter is just arrived

and already you’re running out the lies

that con you into believing this is your life.

Only November and all you have left


is air so cold and thick, stacking in deep valleys

you will carve stairs

into emptiness

and climb out over the mountains


when you know you must leave.

You know you must leave.


Abandon your neighbor. He has his own faith

that calls you stranger before his hearth.

Come dusk, he feeds his horses,

smashes ice out of their water trough,

sings a worksong to his fenced pasture–sound ricochets

like a gunshot and the blue distance shatters.


The horses flicker their ears. They heard

what you heard, make no mistake.

They bend their apostatical faces down,

knock on the ground, muzzle and trample

the splintering bale to nothing. They are already




white steam from their cloud red bodies



–Arlitia Jones

Nov. 30, 2013



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