Tonight I can finally see the moon is a yellow boat

capsizing in deep blue

fear is worse when you do not see

the face of those you fear


What is the worst thing?

What is beyond the worst thing?

Yesterday my country bombed Syria.


Let the sky turn orange

the air tastes of metal

and this is how we live now?

apart from each other

separated by a few feet or a hemisphere

or the wrong name of God.


I would like to say to someone

this should not happen. I would like to hold

anyone in my arms right now.

I would like to knock on my neighbor’s door

ask her to come outside with me

I can’t bear it by myself

watching the moon

with all of its passengers

go down


-Arlitia Jones 9/25

2 Comments on “How We Live Now

  1. Oh my Lord, Arlitia! Your poem. It is, as scripture says, “fearfully and wonderfully made.” I wish I were closer. I would watch the moon capsize with you. I seem to make a habit of that here, standing with my feet in the Atlantic and watching it go down. XO Anne


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