On Snowy Owls

On Snowy Owls

there is no bag limit,


to the State of Alaska

Dept. of Fish and Game

Official Hunters Rule Book.

Take as many

as you need.

Make your owl socks,

your owl hats,

line your walls

with white owl skins.

Your wife is dying141850382

to try that recipe

for owl casserole.

Invite your friends

because it’s good

and right and tradition

to share the bounty.

Brag on the kid,

if he got a shot off.

Show the picture

of yourselves kneeling

with your guns

across your laps

and the bodies of owls

arranged at your feet.

They stack nice.



-Arlitia Jones





One Comment on “Why We Don’t Have to be Sad When Humanity Dies

  1. This is chilling, Arlitia; absolutely chilling. Thank you for making everything stand perfectly still long enough for us to “see” the image. I love how your poems snap me like a twig.


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