Women’s History Month 2016–My Anthology of Amazing Women


Just a little under an hour left in this year’s Women’s History Month and I don’t want it to end without me taking the chance to thank all you readers, and commenters, and followers for taking the time check out the women I wrote about this month.

Above all, I want to thank these women I had the good fortune to write about. The time I got to spend learning about them and writing about them, is time that wasn’t spent despairing about all the bad stuff happening in the world. These women have made a difference in people’s lives.

Below is a list of all the women I discovered this month, along with the link to their page. Take care everyone.

March 1, 2016–Ramona Barnes, Alaska’s Tough Politician

March 2, 2016–Sinrock Mary, The Queen of the Reindeer

March 3, 2016–Berta Caceres, Environmental Activist

March 4, 2016–Linda Tucker and the White Lions

March 5, 2016–Anne Bonney and Mary Read: Pirates! (Part 1)

March 6, 2016–Anne Bonney and Mary Read: Pirates! (Part 2)

March 7, 2016–Sophia Vlasoff, Aluet Teacher

March 8, 2016–Ann Bradford Stokes, Civil War Nurse

March 9, 2016–Mai Bhago, Warrior

March 10, 2016–Jackie Cochran, The Speed Queen

March 11, 2016–Mabel Pike, Tlingit Artist

March 12, 2016–Hilma af Klint, Artist

March 13, 2016–Shanawdithit, Beothuk Mapmaker

March 14, 2016–Darla Fimpel, Piemaker

March 15, 2016–Ibtihaj Muhammad, Olympic Fencer

March 16, 2016–Lucille Hunter, Klondike Gold Miner

March 17, 2016–Kei Taniguchi, Mountain Climber

March 18, 2016–Eliza Cook, Poet

March 19,2016–Charlotte Cushman, Tragic Actress

March 20, 2016–Edmonia Wildfire Lewis, Sculptor

March 21, 2016–Gertrude Ederle, Queen of the Waves

March 22, 2016–Phyllis Pearsall, A to Z Mapmaker

March 23, 2016–Wangari Maathai, Conservationist

March 24, 2016–Sampat Pal, Leader of the Pink Brigade

March 25, 2016–Zahra Hussaini, Afghan Cyclist

March 26, 2016–Betty Lowman Carey, Rowboat Adventurer

March 27, 2016–A Tale of Two Graces

March 28, 2016–Bernadette Adams, Woman Whaler

March 29, 2016–Laura Wright, Parka Maker

March 30, 2016–Bell Benton, Teacher and Poetry Editor

March 31, 2016–Kara Lee Corthron, Playwright and Inspiration


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