One Poem. One Planet. — Lucretius





Darling of Gods and Men, beneath the gliding stars

you fill rich earth and buoyant sea with your presence

for every living thing achieves its life through you,

rises and sees the sun. For you the sky is clear,

the tempests still. Deft earth scatters her gentle flowers,

the level ocean laughs, the softened heavens glow

with generous light for you. In the first days of spring

when the untrammeled all-renewing south wind blows

the birds exult in you and herald your coming.

Then the shy cattle leap and swim the brooks for love.

Everywhere, through all seas, mountains and waterfalls,

love caresses all hearts and kindles all creatures

to overmastering lust and ordained renewals.

Therefore, since you alone control the sum of things

and nothing without you comes forth into the light

and nothing beautiful or glorious can be

without you, Alma Venus! trim my poetry

with your grace: and give peace to write and read and think.


–Lucretius, (Rome) 99-55BC


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