One Poem. One Planet. April 27, 2017



Bald eagles have on average 7000 feathers
compare that to the giant pacific octopus—
with her eight tentacles she wields 2,240 suction cups

We are the counters of everything

we 7.3 billion inhabitants on Earth give or take
a century of democide: mass murder of the people
by their government, that’s 268 million of us in the last 100 years

We quantify to comprehend to find our way
in the forest in our mind, the tangle
of 1 billion times 1 million dendrite branches
where memories flit tree to tree

The bigger the number the better we feel

Inside the red canyons of the human heart 724 trillion blood cells
fly by carrying their bead of oxygen
making our bodies a riot of constant miracles

Compare that to the unexaggerated ratio of

For every 17 children in the world, there is one land mine, or
every 20 minutes someone takes one step and the ground clicks

The problem is we are always talking about numbers.

–Arlitia Jones, April 27, 2017

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4 Comments on “One Poem. One Planet. April 27, 2017

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    • Thank you💜🙋🏼 I’m going to miss writing these every day when poetry month is over. Thank you for reading them.


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