One Poem. One Planet. 2016

Today is the last day of National Poetry Month here in the United States. Today also marks the last of my daily posts for my One Poem. One Planet. project. I’m going to miss it. When I set out… Read More

One Poem. One Planet.

April is National Poetry Month here in the US–strange to celebrate an endeavor that knows no boundary, nor does it pledge its allegiances to any flag or political doctrine. Poetry exists because of and for the people of… Read More

The Flute and the Cello

We were two musicians playing our distinct parts. She was quick sometimes, light as a flute-note, all over the place. Me, the quiet cello coming behind, rumbly-voiced and talking to myself, liable to forget what direction I was… Read More

“I’m really quite happy now.”

“Everything I wanted I fought for–but I didn’t always get it, now let’s not forget that.” So says Patricia Neal to BBC interviewer Sue Lawley, and then she laughs that famous Patricia Neal laugh, that expansive laugh that… Read More

Explain Yourself!

Ugh! On the spectrum of things I hate, ranging from downright despicable to death is better than dealing with this, it goes like this: vacuum the house eat a lychee nut go to church write an artist’s statement… Read More