One Poem. One Planet. April 14, 2017

Now is the weight in the hand of ripened daylight

One Poem. One Planet. 2016

Today is the last day of National Poetry Month here in the United States. Today also marks the last of my daily posts for my One Poem. One Planet. project. I’m going to miss it. When I set out… Read More

One Poem. One Planet. — Circe Maia

A WIND WILL COME FROM THE SOUTH A wind will come from the south with unleashed rain to beat on closed doors and on the windows to beat on faces with bitter expressions. Happy noisy waves will come… Read More

One Poem. One Planet. — Taslima Nasrin

BORDER I’m going to move ahead. Behind me my whole family is calling, My child is pulling my sari-end, My husband stands blocking the door, But I will go. There’s nothing ahead but a river. I will cross…. Read More

One Poem. One Planet. — Ferreira Gullar

SUBVERSIVE Poetry when she comes respects nothing. Neither father nor mother. When she struggles up from one of her abysses she ignores Society and the State disdains Water Regulations hee-haws like a young whore in front of the… Read More

One Poem. One Planet. — Federico Garcia Lorca

LITTLE BALLAD OF THE THREE RIVERS The river Guadalquivir winds through orange and olive trees. The two rivers of Granada descend from the snow to the wheat. Ay, love that went away and never returned! The river Guadalquivir… Read More

One Poem. One Planet. — Muriel Rukeyser

THE CHILDREN’S ORCHARD In the full sun. In the fruitfall season. Against my knees the earth and the bucket, and the soft blue prunes echoing red      echoing purple      echoing in the silver bucket sun,… Read More

One Poem. One Planet. — Cesar Vallejo

LXXIII Another ay has triumphed. The truth is there. And whoever acts that way, won’t he know how to train excellent dijitigrades for the mouse? Yes…No…? Another ay has triumphed and against no one. Oh exosmosis of water… Read More

One Poem. One Planet. — Jorge Luis Borges

STREET WITH A PINK CORNER STORE   Gone into night are all the eyes from every intersection and it’s like a drought anticipating rain. Now all roads are near, even the road of miracles. The wind brings with… Read More

One Poem. One Planet. — Anna Akhmatova

SEASIDE SONNET Everything here will outlive me–Everything, Even those ramshackly birdhouses there And all this air, this springtime air, That has made the oceanic crossing. And the voice of eternity is calling Otherworldly, irresistible, And over the cherry… Read More