One Poem. One Planet. — Claribel Alegria

MORTALLY WOUNDED When I woke up this morning I knew you were mortally wounded that I was too that our days were counted our nights that someone had counted them without letting us know that more than ever… Read More

One Poem. One Planet.–Mirza Asadullah Khan Ghalib

TWILIGHT IN DEHLI To my eye the pleasures of the world are nothing but dust. Except for blood, what else flows in the guts?   Turned to dust, the wings are now a spent force; They might even… Read More

One Poem. One Planet.–Derek Walcott

III House of umbrage, house of fear, house of multiplying air   House of memories that grow like shadows out of Allan Poe   House where marriages go bust, house of telephone and lust   House of caves,… Read More

One Poem. One Planet.– Hiromi Ito

COYOTE My grandmother was a medium My mother was a magician My mother’s older sister was a geisha My mother’s younger sister had tuberculosis My mother’s other younger sister was barren All were wonderfully beautiful The spells mother… Read More

One Poem. One Planet. — Pablo Neruda

VI Then up the ladder of the earth I climbed through the barbed jungle’s thickets until I reached you Macchu Picchu.   Tall city of stepped stone, home at long last of whatever earth had never hidden in… Read More

One Poem. One Planet.–Lorna Goodison

THE YARD MAN: AN ELECTION POEM When bullet wood trees bear the whole yard dreads fallout from lethal yellow stone fruit, and the yard man will press the steel blade of a machete to the trunk in effort… Read More

One Poem. One Planet–Anonymous (Greenland)

INUIT HUNTER’S SONG Little gull, high in the air, fly down to me, settle on my shoulder, rest in the hollow of my palm. Little gull, high in the air, splitting the wind, fly down to me, fly… Read More

One Poem. One Planet.–Keorapetse Kgositsile

ANGUISH LONGER THAN SORROW If destroying all the maps known would erase all the boundaries from the face of this earth I would say let us make a bonfire to reclaim and sing the human person Refugee is… Read More

One Poem. One Planet. –Wislawa Szymborska

THE END AND THE BEGINNING After every war someone has to tidy up. Things won’t pick themselves up, after all.   Someone has to shove the rubble to the roadsides so the carts loaded with corpses can get… Read More